Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harvest is here...

Yesterday we started harvesting the first of our 2009 corn crop. Yields are better than we expected and moistures are ranging from 18 to 23%. We spent most of the day harvesting end rows and opening fields up. We started on the Creed field and moved across the lane to LWJ's big field. Once we had half of the bin full we decided to move over to the Grand Prairie farm. We filled about half of one of the little bins and quit for the evening. Bob also got started yesterday on the Whiznat farm and based on a few yields checks with the weigh wagon he was very pleased. The April planted corn appears to be very good, but it also has major amounts of Dipolida damaged kernels on the outside 24 to 48 rows. It is really nice to get harvest started; especially four days earlier than we started in 2008.

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