Friday, August 14, 2009

Another week...

This week we continued to haul corn from our bins to the Illinois River terminals in Beardstown. We also spent time spraying 2,4-D around field borders to clean up the morning glory vines that crept in from the roadsides.

Today we again teamed up with Steve Jurgens from Precision Drainage to explore why we continue to have a water seep in one of our fields at Williamsville. After digging with the backhoe we discovered two separate 4" clay tile lines that had been crushed and were only half a foot below the surface. We quickly developed a plan and tomorrow Precision Drainage will lay a new 6" plastic tile through the wet area to the neighboring ditch. The picture is of Steve digging above the old clay tile; notice the darkness of our good prairie soils.

Bob reports that we have some corn starting to dent. The June planted corn down in Greenfield could use a rain...

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