Friday, July 10, 2009

Fungus & beetles...

After spending many hours scouting our April planted corn we have decided to start spraying fungicides. The Grey Leaf Spot (GLS) really got a jump-start during the hot & humid weather a couple weeks ago and it has steadily been progressing up the plant. With the weekend forecast calling for 30-40% chances of rain and high 80/low 90 degree temperatures, the GLS pressure could grow extremely fast. Since we are flying on the fungicides, we have decided to add an insecticide due to the intense Japanese Beetle pressure. As we walked through the fields, the beetle pressure was sporadic; however we feel the populations of beetles clipping corn silks is enough to justify spending another $6.80 on insecticide.

I tried taking a picture of the Japanese beetles and GLS up close, but my camera could not focus in that tight. Instead I got a good shot of the corn tassels looking up towards the afternoon sun.

Enjoy your weekend.

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