Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finally...all our corn is out of the ground

The above picture is of the corn we planted on Monday, June 1st in Greenfield. Despite a recent spring tile project and planting into a significant amount of clods due to the tiling we have an overall great stand of corn. As you might recall we were worried about this corn, as we planted into moisture and then the winds and recent sunny days dried the field out and the seedlings were lying in dry soil. Last night the farm received 0.5" of rain and today the corn looks great. We have 36,000 ppa in numerous places and 15,000 ppa in areas of high tiling work traffic - but overall a stand of 30,000 which is still good enough to make 200 bpa.

Dad & David have been hauling corn to the river and cleaning out a few of the Reiser bins. The crops are growing fast trying to catch up. The corn is adding 1-2" of new growth per day which equates to roughly a new leaf every 1.5 days.

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