Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring fever has arrived...

Yesterday was a busy day for the entire neighborhood. One neighbor started planting and many others were out field cultivating and finishing up anhydrous ammonia applications. We stayed busy by finishing up our new gravel lot at the shop and other odd jobs.

We were also able to complete a little field work. The first picture is on the Mayes farm where we were leveling up dirt that had been dredged out of the adjoining creek. The picture below is of Dad running the Cat and field cultivator around the borders of the Reiser farm.

Earlier in the week I mentioned we would go to the field when it dried up enough - even though we had snow on the ground Monday morning. Based on the forecast calling for up to an inch of rain along with high temperatures in the 40's, we decided to wait until after Easter to plant corn.

Happy Easter everyone!

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