Sunday, July 22, 2018

Late July...

The crops have been progressing nicely since my last blog post.  Our corn is all pollinated and appears it has good potential.  The soybeans also look great, but the verdict is still out on those.  Trade and tariffs have the markets upside down, but hopefully that can be resolved after harvest and give us another opportunity to market the remainder of our crop.  We have been busy cleaning out grain bins, mowing roadsides, scouting crops for aerial fungicide applications, and youth baseball.  Despite starting to plant two weeks later than normal, the hot weather has accelerated our crops to the point where we are actually almost a full two weeks ahead of schedule.  This means there may be a fair amount of corn harvested in our immediate area ahead of Labor Day.  Given that scenario, we have started working on harvest equipment as time allows. 

Loading the airplanes to spray fungicide and insecticide on soybeans at our Elkhart & Williamsville farms.

Hauling lime from the rock quarry and staging it on farms we will spread it on this fall.

Spraying fungicide on corn with a helicopter.