Friday, November 4, 2016

Harvest 2016 is a wrap!!!

I am very pleased to report that we finished harvest on Sunday, October 30th; ahead of Halloween and ahead of the time change is a wonderful feeling. Our corn ended up yielding about 20 bushels more than our initial yield estimates which for the extremely hot and dry June our crop went through was nothing short of a miracle. The soybeans were good and will ultimately end up raising our five year average. We are waiting for the final loads of lime to be hauled and then we will begin tilling our final 410 acres of corn stalks. We have shifted our focus now to some tillage, cleaning up harvest equipment, getting anhydrous ammonia equipment ready to go, and catching up on office work and yield reports for landlords and family. 

Our harvested lasted 50 days with very few days off on account of rain. We would like to thank the following companies for providing us great service again this fall.

  • Beard Implement
  • Sloan Implement @ Petersburg
  • Automated Ag
  • Edge Electric
  • Lipcaman - Precision Planting 
  • Bartlett Grain @ Jacksonville
  • Sunrise FS - Grain & Trucking Division as well as Energy Division
  • Prairieland FS @ Prentice and the roving lime crew
  • The Scoular Company
  • CHS @ Lowder
  • Cargill @ Florence
  • HOG, Inc.
  • RCM Farmers Cooperative
  • Prentice Farmers Elevator
  • CIT Group @ Pleasant Plains
And we would also like to thank our employees who worked countless hours day in and day out to get this crop harvested.

Unloading on the go - these photos were as we were harvesting the final 20 acres of our last corn field.

Filling the bin with soybeans - the last truck full of harvest 2016.

Filling another semi at sunset - Williamsville corn.

Ronnie Brown chisel plowing some corn stalks.

A cold sunrise on one of our last days harvesting at Williamsville.

Spreading gypsum on our farm by Strawns Crossing. We are applying it on a few fields this year to help with soil structure and add sulfur for next year's crop.

This is what the gypsum looks like on the ground after it is spread.