Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21st...

Harvest continues to roll on at break-neck speed in our local area. Corn has rapidly dried down and we have been able to turn off the corn dryer and take the grain directly to the bins for storage. We began harvesting our soybeans last week and those are also drier than expected; despite still having yellow leaves on them. We have had a few rains in the last few weeks, but we were so dry beforehand that the rains usually only kept us out of the fields for a half day. On Saturday we harvested our plot. The high yield this year was 248 bpa. Last year the high yield was 281. And that is very typical of our field yield results from this year versus last; a decline of about 30-40 bushels per acre. We were too wet early on and then too hot with zero rainfall to finish our corn crop. The corn essentially "died" down rather than matured naturally on it's own. But, at this point it is what is and our job is to make sure we get it harvested before any wind storms.

Be safe out there and watch for harvest equipment on rural roads.

Dumping corn through our scale at our dryer site.

Hauling out dry corn to our satellite bins.

Max and Owen cleaning the corn kernels off the scale.

Harvesting corn outside Ashland.

We were using a wagon to directly fill some bins on another farm and the bin got full before the wagon was empty so we had to dumb it at our dryer site before the rains arrived.

Each of our 43 plot entries was weighed and ran through this wagon.

Day two of soybean harvest.

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