Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18th...

I am pleased to report that we are finally done planting our 2015 crop. We had one last field at Nortonville that kept receiving rain after rain. It seemed as though it would never dry out, but finally on June 6th & 7th we "created" an opportunity and got it planted just ahead of a two inch rain. Luckily the ground stayed wet for the next 10 days and the soybeans emerged. Lately, the State of Illinois has received more than its fair share of rainfall. Luckily, until today we managed to escape the majority of that. Today another quick two inches fell and pretty much soaked everything and created lakes, ponds and rivers all over our area. Despite recent rainfall, both our corn and soybean crops look very good. In fact our earliest planted corn will begin showing tassels next week and should pollinate right ahead of the 4th of July holiday. While the majority of our corn will pollinate in first two weeks of July. We continue to stay busy mowing roadsides, putting away spring machinery and getting other odd jobs checked off our list. When we are not busy at the farm the kids baseball and t-ball games keep us entertained.

Planting the last field of soybeans South of Nortonville

Top-dressing Urea nitrogen fertilizer on our corn in Greenfield.

Replacing the fill auger on the dryer with a new grain pump

Sweet corn starting to tassel