Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21st...

You would think I would have plenty to write about since it's been a month since my last post, but winter continues to keep us inside for the most part. The shop has been busy with spring projects such as readying the tillage equipment as well as working on the planters. Most of our seed corn has been delivered, but we don't anticipate needing the rest of it since it's still so cold. On Thursday of this week we missed a rain and were able to start some spring field work by applying anhydrous ammonia on a farm we have East of Ashland that is very well tiled. We covered 170 acres before a late afternoon rain arrived and dumped a quarter to a half inch of unwanted rain. Despite the rain, activities continued with a friend showing up and knocking down an old corn crib on one of our farms and then proceeding to bury it. We have plenty of anhydrous to get applied, but spring will get here when it wants. Some are even predicting snow in April around here....

Our first fieldwork of 2015.  We had a small window to apply
anhydrous ammonia on a very well tiled farm.

Burying a old barn.

Ron doing some welding and fabrication on the arm mower
we use to trim trees during the winter months.