Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday, June 9th...

Planting season is now behind us and the crops are growing quickly.  Planting season through mid May was very dry in our area.  However, in the last two weeks we received a much needed 3-4" of rain.  Along with the recent rains, above normal temperatures have jump-started the crops.  Our corn is now waist high and the early planted soybeans are soon to close to the row.  All the corn has been sprayed and we have begun the final application of herbicides on the soybean acres.  While we greatly appreciate the recent rains, the saturated soils have made it challenging to make the final spray pass.  Spring equipment is being washed and put away and the first round of mowing roadsides has begun.  Summer is moving along quickly as our County Fair begins next week.  

We've been blessed with very good crops so far, now we just have to figure out how to market what we don't already have sold...

20" nonGMO soybeans will soon be closing the row at Ashland.

A field of waist high 20" corn planted at 45,000 plants per acre.
It looks like a jungle out there.

Helping this field of soybeans break through the crust by running the rotary hoe across it.

Filling the planter with soybeans at our Greenfield farm 

Fishing in Canada