Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week ending July 6th...

Summer is flying by!  Despite the later planting dates and cooler temperatures, our earliest planted corn is coming along nicely and a few fields have even started tasseling. We continue to spray the final pass of herbicides on the soybeans and mow road sides so they look good for the long Holiday weekend.  The guys also continue to wash spring machinery and put it in storage as time allows between spraying and mowing.  As those jobs wind down, we will begin working on our list of summer projects which include assembling a chisel plow and also a grain dryer project.  At some point we will get the harvest machinery out and work on making sure it all is ready to go when the time arrives.  Soon we will also start hauling the remainder of our corn out of the grain bins as many elevators are offering free storage which is always a good reason to get the bins cleaned out.

As I mentioned some of our fields are tasseling.  During this time we will ramp up our scouting efforts which means we will physically be in each field at least a couple times a week watching for Japanese beetles and Rootworm beetles clipping silks or mining pollen in the tassels.  We will also be on the lookout for leaf diseases such as Grey Leaf Spot, Goss Wilt, and Anthracnose.  If any of these are found, we will be calling in the air planes to spray.  

We have tassels on our April 30th and May 1st planted corn!

Mowing road banks on the County Line Farm

Adding and repairing tile on our Lehmann Farm

Lincoln Land FS "top-dressing" Urea on a field adjacent to Ashland

The calm before the storm...

Big soybeans

Owen playing in his last baseball game of the summer

Max conquered his fear of the diving board

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