Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week ending June 22nd...

Since my last post the weather has turned sunny and warm.  The crops have taken advantage of the great weather and are growing rapidly.  We have wrapped up spotting in the wet holes on our corn fields and continue to work on the thin spots in our soybean fields.  Ironically, our area has turned dry and we would like to see a rain; especially on our Jacksonville farm and farms further South.  We continue to wash spring machinery and put away equipment.  The sprayer is now focused on the last herbicide applications on the soybeans.  We also have been mowing roadsides and spraying weeds in the fence rows and road banks.  Summer is going quickly and all those yellow school buses will be here before you know it.  

Planting soybeans on the Atwood Farm 

 Side-dressing 28% Nitrogen on the Daubard 80
The soybeans are getting big on the Elkhart 160 

Automated Ag unloading our new air system and wet bin 

No more down spouts - we ditched them under ground

The boys having fun at the Sangamon County Fair this week

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