Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week ending April 6th...

Planting season is upon us - finally.  Towards the end of the week the weather turned warmer and dried a few fields out enough to allow us to work with the field cultivator.  On Friday we were able to get the new planter in the field and work the bugs out.  Thank you to Brad Bishop and Matt Aper from Cross Bros. for coming over and helping us.  We did not plant much though because the forecast is calling for significant rain totals and colder temperatures in the coming week.  Very little field work was completed in our area this past week as the ground in most places is still damp to wet 2-4" underneath the dry surface.  Saturday's 30-40 mph winds helped dry a lot of those fields however.  I imagine that if Sunday's rain does not amount to much, we will see a few neighbors begin planting their 2013 corn crop. 

This past week David also got the seed trailer put together and when the weather straightens out we are ready to begin planting in earnest.  We also worked on a few last minute spring jobs such as changing filters on the fuel tank pumps and trimming some trees that have over-grown into the field edges. 

The new planter finally makes it to the field 

Making the final pass before the planter - the tile is working great 

 Spreading urea and ESN for our National Corn Growers yield contest entry

The boys in their Easter clothes - ties are a very rare occurrence with these two...

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