Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week ending March 16th...

No corn planting here.  Winter continues to blanket our area with cold temperatures and the occasional snow flakes.  Last year at this time we had applied the last of our anhydrous ammonia and a few of our neighbors had even planted some corn.  A year ago the high temperatures were in the 80's.  The recent 10 day forecast doesn't show any day time highs above 50 degrees, so we continue to get machinery ready and take delivery of the last of our seed corn. 

We have all but wrapped up hauling corn to the elevator from our bins until the markets respond with better prices.  Recent rains have replenished our soils and all of our tiles are running.  There is a little wiring left to be done on the planter and a few calibrations, but otherwise we are ready to pull the planter out of the shop.  Crop insurance decisions have been made and we are ready to get started on the 2013 growing season. 

Installing the Force CS insecticide system

In order to plant 20" rows, we had to widen the tires out on the planter tractor

David washing off the truck and trailer

Loading the semi for another trip to the CG&B at Naples

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