Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mid January...

My apologies for not posting recently.  Blogspot.com is having issues uploading pictures from your computer to the blog site so had to re-work some things with another browser, but now we are back in business.

The winter months bring with them a lot of office work planning for 2013 and wrapping up paperwork from 2012.  They also push us indoors where it's warm.  Lately, we have been busy performing winter maintenance on semi's and various other items.  We are also spending more time crafting our herbicide programs as this spring we will plant corn in 20" rows which will narrow our application window significantly.  In addition to that change, we will be growing some nonGMO or conventional corn with zero genetically modified traits on our Greene County farms and trying to figure out a herbicide program that doesn't involve glyphosate (RoundUp) anymore is a little challenging.  

The weather here has been variable to say the least.  Last Friday it was almost 60 degrees which allowed for enjoyable tear down of the Christmas lights, but the next day brought in a cold front which dumped over an inch of rain on us - thank you!  Two days later we had an ice storm and now we sit in a crystallized winter wonderland.  I guess as long as it's some form of precipitation we will take it.  

When the weather warms we will resume hauling corn from our bins again.

Winter maintenance on one of the semi's 

What we used to haul with 25 years ago...

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