Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week ending September 8th...

Another great week of harvest.  We received 3 to 6" of rain from Hurricane Issac which helped replenish some of our dry soils.  Just one day after the rains stopped, we were able to resume harvesting our corn crop.  We are now 62% completed with our corn and 0% on the soybeans.  The soybeans are still somewhat green which we hope will result in more bushels.  We are 10-14 days away from even thinking about combining our soybeans.  That should allow us time to wrap up our corn and even get a jump start on the deep tillage. 
This past week we made the trip up to our north farms at Elkhart and Williamsville.  As anticipated, the yields were very poor.  Surprisingly, the moisture's were also much higher than anticipated but one field had significant wind damage.  Thus, we elected to take it out so it wouldn't get worse with any later storms or winds.  The weather has cooled down and it is now starting to feel like fall around here.
 Harvesting on the Quad J Farm South of Prentice


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