Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week ending July 7th...

100 degree temperatures were the norm this past week.  Luckily, cooler weather has arrived today.  It also brought with it some much needed rain on our North farms, but nothing around the Ashland area or our southern Greenfield farms.  After checking the over-night markets, it seems as though they are again responding with higher prices since rainfall was disappointing over the weekend. 

We continue to haul corn from our grain bins and when it's not too hot, we are working in the shop on our planter.  Our corn crop continues to look very good considering the circumstances.  With the help of an adjacent well, our sweet corn crop continues to produce.  Today, our family cut and bagged an entire truckload of sweet corn and then later froze it so we can enjoy it all year long.  Below are a few pictures of the event.  The boys call it "Sweet Corn Day." 

 A good ear despite the lack of water and rolled up leaves in the background

A view of our lower corn canopy.  We want as much sunlight interception as possible.  Our stalks don't look bad, but are starting to deteriorate. 

Working on the planter in the shop 

A view of our plot along the highway 

Owen and John washing sweet corn ears 

Max and his Uncle Ryan bagging the sweet corn 

What a work crew!  And what a mess!

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