Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week ending July 14th...

Another week without rain.  The corn crop continues to deteriorate, while the beans seem to be holding their own.  A week ago we thought our corn crop could still average over 150 bpa, now we have lowered that to 110 bpa and it will get worse without rainfall soon.  The corn on our northern farms is either dying or dead.  One farm even received 2" of rain last Sunday and it still is going to die.  We are out of time and out of moisture.  Hopefully, the beans will receive a rain soon or they too will begin to die.

While experts argue whether or not this is a repeat of the 1988 drought, we believe yield levels on our farm could rival or come in below that of 1988.  Here is what our farm averaged in 1988 - Corn 86 bpa; high of 101 and low of 54.  Soybeans - average of 34 bpa; high of 38 and low of 29.   

Wind damaged corn on our Elkhart farm 

 Poor pollination at Elkhart

Corn starting to die on our Williamsville farm.  This is on very good, black dirt soils...

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