Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week ending June 10th...

Another dry week.  We have been hot and dry for many weeks now.  Sometime very soon, the weather will decide if we are going to have a big corn crop or a bust - we are quickly nearing that point.  Our soybeans look good compared with areas to the north who planted later and into soils that quickly dried out.  Soybean stands to the north are far much more spotty. 

I've included a picture of our first planting of sweet corn.  This would have been planted on March 27th.  It is tasseling right now, but unfortunately will be less than 4' tall and in most cases is 3' or less.  It doesn't appear that the sweet corn will be a bumper crop.  Their are a few fields of commercial corn that were planted earlier which have begun to start showing tassels.  Most of the corn in our area should start shooting tassels in the coming weeks.

This past week we wrapped up our last pass of herbicides on our soybeans around the Ashland area.  We continue to clean up equipment from spring planting and work around the shop.  Our county fair begins this week so many will be attending that.  Bring on the rain.

Corn closing the rows at our Elkhart Farm

First crop of sweet corn is less than 4' tall

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