Monday, September 19, 2011

Week ending September 18th...

Last week turned out to be a little slower as we started to harvest more of the 114-116 day corn planted in early April and found that it is still wetter than we would like to put into grain bins. The May planted corn is also wet. We have been sampling the remaining fields and picking and choosing where we harvest. Our hope is Mother Nature keeps drying this corn down in the field. We are not the only ones who are seeing this as the local elevators this weekend were like ghost towns which is wild for the middle of September. We also started the deep tillage of chisel plowing this week. With the new Case 870 chisel plow we can cover more acres in a day and it did not take us long to catch up to the fields that are waiting on lime to be spread before we chisel them. Recent rains have not totaled much and around our home area we are still dry. However, the larger amounts of rain have fallen on our southern farms, but too little too late as the corn down in Greenfield died prematurely due to lack of July/August rainfall and high temperatures.

Filling the bins at the Grand Prairie farm

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