Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week ending June 18th...

Not much to report this week other than the wet weather. We did manage to haul the last of our soybeans from the bins to Sunrise Ag at Havana. We also put away the planters and are now working on other shop projects.

We also took in the local Sangamon County Fair this week. Owen had a great time riding all the rides and playing in the local Farm Bureau's "Hayloft." Ok, I had fun playing in there too...

Featured below are also some pictures from Gary Martin who is friend of our's that farms about 10 miles south of us. For him, the real rains began Friday evening and did not stop until late Saturday afternoon. According to his rain gauge, he received 7.25" in total. The pictures speak a thousand words as to the damage and sheer power this much rain created. Thanks to Gary for allowing me to post these on our blog.

To all you dad's out there - Happy Father's Day!

Owen driving the combine simulator

Owen and I playing in the "cornbox"

The water washed the entire base of railroad out

A foot of oil and chip road completely washed away

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