Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week ending March 26th...

Bob leveling the newly installed tile lines on the Daubard Farm

Bob applying Anhydrous Ammonia on the Atwood Farm

A view at the plow on the tile machine as it's lowered into the start of a 4" lateral

The 6" main on the Emerald Acres West 20 - we had water running through it within an hour after it was installed

Russell Maul multi-tasking while digging starts for the laterals with the excavator

What a week for working on jobs prior to planting. On Monday Bob disked down the newly installed tile lines on the Daubard 80 and by Tuesday the 75 degree weather allowed the soils to dry enough to begin applying anhydrous ammonia. Precision Drainage completed all our jobs around the Ashland area and moved to Greenfield to begin work on another project for us. They pattern-tiled what we call "Emerald Acres West 20" on 50 foot centers and in the wet spots we narrowed them up to 25 feet centers. An hour after they had ran the main, it was one-third full and draining water out of the field.

A few farmers in the area worked ground with their field cultivators this past week, but with the mid 30's temperatures towards the end of the week it seems as though it will be a while before any planters start.

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