Monday, March 1, 2010

More past pictures...

Since it is now the first of March and we do not have any anhydrous ammonia applied, I thought it would be fitting to share some of our past Nh3 application pictures. The weather here is still cold, but temperatures are forecasted to be on the rise and the snow is almost gone. We hope the weather changes soon so we can get in the fields and begin preparing the soil for this year's crop.
Uncle Bob putting on anhydrous just to the east of our shop. Cira early 1980's.

More fall anhydrous applications during the mid 80's.

Many years ago we used to till the soybean stubble in preparation for the next year's corn crop. We felt turning the soil dark would warm the soil faster in the spring and thus give the corn seedlings quicker emergence. In this early 1980's picture, Uncle Bob is running the Versatile tractor pulling a "Soilsaver" that had a Nh3 "Cold-Flow" system mounted on it which allowed us to combine both the tillage and anhydrous applications.

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