Friday, November 6, 2009

Taking advantage of the weather...

What a good week for field work! Everyone has been busy this week. Dad and Bob have both been harvesting corn and covering a lot of acres while the weather is good. It has been a good week as we have been able to harvest everyday. Today we were able to start the chisel plow again, although there are still a few wet holes to avoid. We are also running a third combine working on our tornado corn in Williamsville. It is a slow process as the roll-a-cones take frequent adjustment and the elevators have been closing around 1 pm for wet corn. The corn around the Ashland/Pleasant Plains area bounces between 17-20% moisture while the Williamsville corn is 23-26%. Tomorrow's plan includes more field work as well as Bob switching over a combine to work on the remaining acres of soybeans we have left to harvest. I will try to get some pictures for my next update.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

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