Friday, November 13, 2009


Today my son, Owen made the trip out to the field to inspect what we've been up to. He was quickly moving around the combine making sure to pick up any corn we may have left on the ground.

We have made tremendous progress since my last update. Today we finished the Elkhart farm and have now moved to the Williamsville farm to work on the tornado corn. Progress is slow, but we are getting most of the corn that remains somewhat upright. Elevators have been closing early due to the large amount of wet corn being harvested. We are hauling 50 miles one way to Sunrise Ag Service in Havana to fill some of our remaining grain contracts. The line at the local elevator is approximately 1:45 min. so we are hauling it significantly farther, but making the trip in the same time; also taking advantage of a better basis. Rain is in the forecast, but we will continue to harvest barring any mechanical failures.

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