Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picking up...

Yesterday we picked up debris from the tornado at our Williamsville farm. Our fantastic crew consisted of Tom Johnson (Dad), Steve Schilling (father-in-law), and Ryan Aupperle (brother-in-law). We were able to pick up everything we could see from the trailer in just under a half day. A big thanks goes out to each one of them for helping us out!

Traveling across the field while picking up debris also gave us a good opportunity to evaluate what is left of the corn and start working on a game plan to harvest this mess. I should mention that we met with the Crop Insurance adjuster on Friday morning and yes, we will have to try and combine this.

Our prep work for harvesting this has already started as we ordered a Kelderman corn reel for our 12 row corn head through our local Pioneer dealer (Jeff Cosner). Thank you to Jeff for thinking of us and giving us an opportunity to pool our order with other farmers who will be needing a reel for their corn head this fall.

See you all at the Farm Progress Show this week!

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