Friday, August 7, 2009

More spraying...

While Dad enjoyed the week in the Ozarks fishing and relaxing this week; activities at the farm remained numerous. The majority of the week's events were spent hauling corn to the Illinois River and mowing roadsides. We also spent time spraying around field borders to kill any remaining weeds and those persistent morning glory vines. We did manage to get all the road banks and filter strips mowed in Greene County as well; thanks to Mark Twitchell for helping us out down there again!

While the foliar diseases on both the corn and the soybeans have almost ground to a halt with the recent cool temperatures, we again sprayed more corn with Stratego fungicide this week. What we sprayed already had numerous lesions and we felt that with this weekend's upcoming high temperatures and humidity that conditions will be perfect for the fungus to expand further in the tops of the corn plants. The pictures are of the aerial applicator spraying the corn at our University of Illinois Hunter #3 farm near New Berlin. Bob lives on this farm and was awakened early that morning by the plane flying right over his house.

This weekend we will be celebrating two events; 1) my sister Lindsay who is saying goodbye and moving to England where she will teach Math & Science for a year & 2) the passing of my great uncle, Albert Kapik. He was a great role model, friend, and husband and will be truly missed by our family.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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