Thursday, July 30, 2009

Planning ahead...

This week we have been busy working on the new entrance to one of our grain bin sites. This project involved hauling numerous loads of rock and spreading it over landscape cloth. By putting down the landscape cloth and then laying the rock over top of it, we hope to keep the rock from smashing in the ground thereby loosing it in the soil. If you are building a rock driveway and planning on having loaded semi's drive over it, I would highly recommend utilizing the landscape cloth.

Besides working on the bin site entrance, the team from Precision Drainage has been working with our local Road Commissioner laying in a new tile line across Glick Road. The original culvert that drains a waterway to the west had to be replaced, which required tearing out the old steel culvert and closing the road for a day. Precision Drainage took advantage of the road closure and laid 40' of dual-wall plastic tubing across the road for a future tile project to the west. By completing this ahead of time it will save us money and time when we decide to put in the adjoining 150 acres of pattern tile.

The fungicide and insecticide spraying has also resumed. While a significant amount of our corn does not appear to need fungicide, I did call the airplane in this afternoon to spray 45 acres of Japanese beetles. I felt the number of beetles clipping silks and their sporadic pattern throughout the field justified spending the money on the insecticide.

Corn and soybeans all look great. Hearing a lot of farmers talk about an early frost, which would not be good for the late planted soybeans...

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