Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another good week...

This past week has been great for the crops, especially our corn. With temperatures above 86 degrees and ample soil moisture our factory is running at full capacity. The only thing better would be if the temperatures could cool down a little more at night and not make the corn respire as much - but otherwise the corn is adding a leaf every two days which is outstanding. As I walked corn last evening I checked some of our first planted fields and they are only two leaves away from the tassel appearing. That means we should see "some" tassels before the 4th of July. I checked our June 1st planted corn in Greenfield yesterday and surprisingly it looks very good too. We could actually use a good rain on the Greene County farms as some of the younger corn needs a little help getting its roots through the compaction layer left by the tiling job and down to the nitrogen we applied earlier this spring.

The majority of this week was spent hauling corn to Sunrise Ag Service's Illinois River terminal at Beardstown. The picture above is of dad rolling in from his last trip. Otherwise, when we were not hauling corn we spent time spraying the last herbicide pass on the soybeans and mowing road sides.

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