Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is the week...

The week ahead looks promising to wrap up corn planting and to get a good start on planting soybeans. The current forecast calls for an abundance of sunshine and light winds all week; just what we need to get back in the fields. After all of last week's rain the fields are drying nicely. Our hope is to get back in the fields on Tuesday afternoon, but it will probably be more like Wednesday unless we decide to plant around the wet holes.

We are closely monitoring our corn planted on May 11th & 12th as we anticipate the soil to crust with all the heavy rains last week followed by this week's rapid drying. If we start to see a crust forming in the top 2" of soil we will be forced to rotary hoe those acres to try and help the corn reach the soil surface before the seedling runs out of energy. I hope we don't have to do this, but the way this year is going you never know.

About the only nice thing about all this wet weather is it gives us an opportunity to discover tile holes that we may not have otherwise found. The picture above is what we believe to be an exposed tile on our Williamsville farm. This area is usually wet after rains, but when you can drive by and water is boiling up out of the ground and ducks are swimming in it - it usually indicates you have a problem.

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